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How to Work Up to 100 Push Ups

The very beginning stages of getting healthy and working out can be frustrating. So much so that a large percentage of the people who start working out with a goal in mind will eventually abandon it due to frustration. They didn't see results soon enough, or more often than not tried setting their goals too high at first. So, let's go ahead and start with one goal, and see the best way to work up to it without flying off the handle and abandoning it in frustration. This is how to work up to 100 push ups.

Start Slow and Strong

First things first, you need to learn the proper form and technique for push ups that will get you results. There are many different types of push ups, but in general you want to keep as straight as possible with your hands shoulder width apart. As you go up and down keep your butt from sticking up and that will help maximize the workout. Now that you know the proper form, see how many you can do withou7t strugglinhg too much. Take that number, let's say it was 15, and each day or every other day add 1 more rep until you reach 25. Once it's a breeze to do that, go to the next step.

Realistic Increments

Once you can easily do 25 push ups as a base, add 3 more sets of push ups. Meaning you do 4 sets of 25.

The next step is 3 sets of 34.

when the above gets easy try the next step doing 2 sets of 50.

After this do as many as you can on your first set and then what ever number is left to make 100 on your second set for example if you make 65 on your first set do 35 on your last set.

75 push ups in a row will almost always be a struggle, but easier as you get stronger. Make your last increment 25 more and soon you'll finally achieve the goal of doing 100 push ups.

So, don't set lofty goals. Slowly work your way to 100 push ups and see great results.

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