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Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Building Tips

Arnold Schwarzenegger built a body that is still considered one of the greatest of all-time. Indeed, if he had seriously kept up the hard-core training, could anyone have ever beat him? That's why it is important to consider Arnold's tips for building muscle.

Cheat a Bit

One of the most interesting tips Arnold has for building the arms is to use a bit of cheating on the curl action. Arnold typically used tight form (watch him squat in Pumping Iron, for example) and was known for it. But on occasion he would use some cheat action to move the weight.

Arnold singled out cheating being the best way to build muscle size in the biceps. When he cheated, Arnold would use a shoulder wide grip, rock his body slightly to gain momentum, and boosted the bar upward. The descent of the bar was slow, but he definitely gave his arms an assit on the way up.

Arnold's cheating worked no one can deny he built incredible biceps.

Twist a Bit

Another technique that Arnold used was a supination action in the dumbbell curl motion. That is, he twisted his wrist. Unlike many bodybuilders who pound away on the dumbbell curls in a straight line, Arnold would start with his wrists facing outward and twist the wrist.

Twisting the wrist gives the biceps muscle a little more challenge, as well as pulling the brachialis muscle into play. In essence Arnold performed a type of rotating arm curl and he got tremendous results.

Twist at the Top

Arnold employed twist movements elsewhere as well. One of these was a unique shoulder press movement, where the dumbbell was rotated from a position where the palms were facing in at the bottom to the opposite position at the top, where the palms faced outward. This movement works several parts of the shoulder and is especially effective when performed at a fairly slow pace.

Use Arnold's tips to add a new level of challenge to your workouts and spark more gains.

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