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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steroids

There are many questions people ask about Arnold and steroids I have tried to cover them all below.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger use steroids?

Yes, Arnold has fully admitted to using steroids. Although I believe he has played down the length of cycles he actually used.

Arnold used steroids to help him win bodybuilding contests and I believe he continued to use steroids to get in shape for his movie roles.

When did Arnold Schwarzenegger start using steroids?

Many people have that Arnold starting taking steroids as young as 15 or 16 years old, but I don't think that is true. I have seen pictures of Arnold at 15, 16 and even 17 years old and the truth is he wasn't very impressive at those ages. But then at 18 he went into the army, by the time he got out a year later he was 19 years old and looked, well like Arnold, at 19 years old he was already close to being as big as he was even going to get.

Arnold, said he gained 25 pounds during his time in the Army going from 200 to 225, more then he had ever gained in one year. So what changed in that year? Was he getting more food? Yes and that may be a factor. Was he getting more sleep? No, of course not, it is certain he was, as most solders are, sleep deprived. I would say what really changed was he got out of the little isolated town where he grew up and discovered a bigger world - including steroids.

So it is my belief that Arnold started using steroids at 18 or 19 years old.

What kind of steroids did Arnold Schwarzenegger take and how much?

The steroids that Arnold took were most likely Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Winstrol and Primoblan.

It is not known how much he took, but it is a sure thing that it was a lot less than bodybuilders are using today.

I want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger should I take steroids?

If all it took was a shot in the ass and popping some pills then there would be thousands of Arnold clones running around. But it doesn't work that way, the number one factor in bodybuilding is genetics and Arnold was one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders of all time.

And the side effects are not worth it, Arnold has even been quoted as saying that if he knew then what he knows now he wouldn't have taken them.

Also when Arnold took steroids they were still legal, today they are not.

Can I look like Arnold without steroids?

You won't look like Arnold without steroids and you won't look like him even if you took 10 times the amount he took.

So why not just be the best you that you can be by working hard in the gym, sticking to a healthy diet and keeping away from drugs that will cause you health problems.

Who knows at 70 maybe you can look even better then Arnold will look like when he is 70, if you stay natural.

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