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Arthur Jones High Intensity Training

Arthur Jones started a company called Nautilus in 1970. Arthur Jones eventually sold his company, which is now a household name in the fitness business. To go along with his new line of machines, Arthur Jones began to promote with great success his High Intensity Training methods, well known as (HIT).

HIT looks at how much weight, reps and how long you are taking to lift the weight. The key principle is to lift enough weight for quicker overload, which means less repetitions and lifting to the point of muscle failure.

With High Intensity Training you use more weight but for less sets and reps. As you get stronger the program states add more overload so that your muscle mass and strength can keep progressing.

Like any other weight lifting training, you must use good form and technique in order to make good gains and stay injury free. High Intensity Training advocates will let you know that slow controlled lifting movements are essential to being successful in your weight-training program. Many weight lifters use HIT when they stop seeing results from their own workouts. Weight lifters is what call this a plateau.

HIT is a serious weight lifting training program and not for a beginner. One of the positive aspects about HIT is that it focuses on rest more than training time. That means your workouts can be shorter and give the normal 9 to 5 working man or women a great way to build their body.

Many famous people such as the Barbarian Brothers Peter and David Paul, Mike Mentzer, Ray Mentzer, Dorian Yates, etc. are advocates of HIT.

Bottom line, if you are serious about putting hard work in to transforming your body and you have the determination then HIT is the program for you.

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