Barbarian Brothers Workout

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Barbarian Brothers Bodybuilders Workout Routine

Barbarian Brothers Workout

If you have never heard of the Barbarian Twins called David and Peter Paul that were a massive hit in the 1980's, then you need to see what these two radical bodybuilders bought to the sport. They never won any Mr. Olympia competitions but standing 6'1" tall and weighing over 235lbs these two guys believed that there is no such thing as overtraining. They openly stated that you will only over-train when you under eat.

There is nothing ordinary about these two brothers who would come to gym and train looking like lumberjacks and not bodybuilders. They would train with heavy boots and jeans because they said they can use heavier weights when they train like that.

These twin brothers were super strong and would train to failure using incredibly heavy weights like doing a barbell military press with well over 300lbs was nothing unusual for them. They became a big hit when Arnold's movie called Conan the Barbarian was released and suddenly the bodybuilding world believed in training heavy.

The twins became a big hit with millions of bodybuilders across the world and just like Arnold did, they used this fame to get into Hollywood and make a few movies. If you remember Knight Rider they appeared in a couple of episodes of this famous TV series and then got the opportunity to make a few movies like D.C Cab, The Flamingo Kid, Think Big etc.

David and Peter Paul trained at Gold's gym wearing heavy climbing boots, jeans and bandanas they were seriously strong and had the measurements to boot. Each of the twins had necks well over 20 inches thick with 60 inch chest they looked and trained like Mr. Olympia winners.

Their unconventional and very unusual training methods saying that there's no such thing as over training only under eating was born out of eating well over 8000 calories a day, each. This included over 36 eggs a day each which even Vince Geronda was shocked by.

The barbarians were famous and people would come into Gold's Gym just to watch them train using massive amounts of weight with perfect form that comes from years of practice. They would scream and shout when coming up from a squat with over 600lbs on their backs trying to train past the point of failure.

This radical type of bodybuilding quickly caught on and they developed many followers from across the world. They also developed a few signature movements like the reverse grip bench-press using an extremely heavy weight but they insist on using perfect form at all times to avoid injury.

Without going into the specific sets and reps these two barbarians used to train with, they both believed strongly in using extremely heavy dumbbells for a number of different movements. They used to train twice a day doing a major body-part like chest or legs in the morning and then return in the evenings to finish with isolation movements on the same body-part. They trained 6 days a week loading the weight to the max every time.

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