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Basement Gym Workouts

Training in your basement for increased fitness and general health is a very different type of training in your basement if your objective is to gain muscle as quickly as possible. We are going to assume that your interest in working out in your basement is to get stronger and to add muscle.

If your objective was improved health and fitness you could easily get results by doing various different bodyweight exercises and pushing your body to the limits by doing burpees, push-ups, etc. When training specifically to gain muscle you are going to need weights.

This does NOT mean that you need to go out and purchase a full set of expensive dumbbells and barbells with power racks. You could easily find exactly what you need by purchasing a second hand barbell and some plates at a garage sale or on Craigslist.

This workout listed below is specifically for training at home using minimal equipment that needs to include some form of rack that will hold a barbell when squatting and bench-pressing. If you have been training for about a year you will need at least 200 pounds of weight to get the increased muscle that you seek, plus a barbell and a bench.

If possible you should train with someone so that you can use heavy weights without worrry that you will get huge oe such under the weight.

The workout is broken into three different days and on the fourth day you will rest and take a breather to repair the damage that you have done. The following movements should be done in this order.

Day 1
1. Bench Press - 3 x 10
2. Incline Dumbbell Press - 3 x 10
3. Dumbbell Fly - 2 x 12
4. Barbell Row - 3 x 10
5. Chin Ups - 3 x 8

Day 2
1. Squat - 3 x 12
2. Dead Lifts - 5 x 5
3. Leg Curl - 3 x 12
4. Standing Calf Raise - 3 x 12
5. Crncuhes - 2 x 25

Day 3
1. Barbell Military Press - 3 x 10
2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 3 x 12
1. Barbell Curls - 3 x 10
2. Dumbbell hammer Curls - 3 x 12
1. Close Grip Bench Press - 3 x 10
2. Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks - 3 x 12

For more information checkout Build Your Own Home Gym Equipment.

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