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Ben Pakulski Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Ben Pakulski Workout

Ben Pakulski has been a professional bodybuilder for a long time, after winning Mr. Canada in 2008; Ben has come in 2nd place at the most of the top professional bodybuilding competitions. His aptly named nickname Pac-Man, may be a clue but this man knows what he's doing when building muscle.

Ben covers most muscle gaining subjects from a little off-center, explaining how to fully shorten your lats, or lengthen your pecs. He explains how vital it is to train using full range of motion (ROM). If the muscles that you're targeting are not fully shortened AND fully lengthened, Ben says you're leaving the gym without maximally stimulated growth in your targeted muscle groups.

Below is an example of the type of training Ben does 5 weeks out from a competition. It is an organized plan of attack to get the best results for his legs. He was still training the rest of his body obviously, below is just his leg routine. WORKOUT A: 5 weeks out:

1a) Leg Extensions 6 X 12 reps (60 seconds rest) then 1 drop-set
2a) Leg Press 6 X 15 reps (feet narrow)
2b) Leg Press 6 X 15 reps (feet wide) (90 seconds rest)
3a) Hack Squat 5 X 20 reps (60 seconds rest)
3b) Alternating Weighted Lunges 5 X 12/side with (40 seconds rest)
4a) Horizontal Leg Press 4 X 20 reps
4b) Sissy Squats 4 X failure (60 seconds rest)

His planned workout progression and cycle that he does the next week are explained, where he reduces his rest time between sets on certain movements. Ben uses a systematic cycling system in his pre-competition workout 6 weeks ahead, like any good competitive bodybuilder needs to.

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