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How to Bench Press Your Bodyweight

Bench pressing your bodyweight is the first step in the bench press arena and it should come fairly fast for most people. Indeed, performing a push up is somewhat similar in that you are using bodyweight. But it is not a direct one-for-one tradeoff as your feet are supporting the body as well, so you are not fully lifting all the body weight with a push up. Therefore bench pressing bodyweight is the very first step beyond the push-up and a good milestone for a new lifter.

How do you get there? Letís assume a guy weighs 175 pounds and wants to get up to using that weight. The first step is to start bench pressing for several sets at a weight below that and begin extending the repetitions upward. If you have not bench pressed before, you may only be able to bench press 135 pounds, for instance, for fiver repetitions. Aim at seven on the next workout, and when you can get 10 reps for at least two sets, move the weight load up 10 pounds and see how many reps you can get.

To enhance your pushing power, you can do three things. Incorporate some explosive push ups right after your bench press training. Also, start performing military presses as this will really boost the power of your push. And also kick up your caloric intake, but make sure it is primarily high quality protein, good fat, and complex carbs.

You should be able to get to your bodyweight fairly quickly if you continue to strive at the increase in reps, then increase in poundage. Make certain that you maintain good form, however, as you donít want to reach your body weight in bench via cheating.

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