Bench Press Twice Bodyweight

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How to Bench Press Twice Your Bodyweight

When you can bench press twice your bodyweight you have become truly strong. Not many people can do this, and it becomes increasingly elusive the larger you get (a 250 pound guy has to bench press 500 pounds whereas a 165 pound guy only needs to get up 330 pounds).

Bench pressing twice your bodyweight is a great goal to target. It will take persistence and will power and a real commitment. And you can get some good help from training smart.

The bench press workout itself needs to be progressive to achieve this goal. And donít worry if you donít get there in your first shot. It may take a few cycles and even a few years to get the goal, but it is worth the effort.

Supporting exercises can provide a major assist for a bigger bench. One of these is the squat. Even though it is a lower body exercise, it has the effect of strengthening the entire body and boosting your power levels significantly. So utilize heavy squatting in your big bench cycle.

Another key tool is the weighted dip. This was a trick many of the Old School bodybuilders used to become more powerful in the bench press. By working up to heavy weight loads in the weighed dip (using a dip attachment such as a belt, weight vest, etc.) you overload the muscles you work with in the bench press.

Another exercise to include is the explosive bench press. Add a couple of sets of this style of moving the iron in your bench press routine and get the high end fast twitch muscles growing and assisting you in the big bench as well.

Finally, one of the most significant exercises for triceps power is the military press. The more powerful you make your triceps, the better shot you will have at a huge bench press. So get in at least one military press workout per week and start using some heavy lifts in this move.

Keep pushing ahead in your bench press workouts, and when you are getting to a point where you are within reach of doubling your bench, take some time off. Get rested, then start up the strongest cycle of all, utilizing a powerlifting approach.

Start with a cycle that utilizes several sets of 5 reps, then cut down to 3 reps but increase the weight load, and over the course of a few weeks drop that rep count down to 1-2 reps with even more weight and then take your shot at the target weight amount.

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