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Bodybuilding Bicep Exercises

Standing Barbell Curls

1. Keep your feet a few inches apart and grab the bar with underhabnd grip hands about shoulder width apart.
2. Use biceps strength to slowly curl the bar up to your chin in a semicicuilar arc.
3. Slowly lower bar through same range of motion, resisting the weight on the way down to the starting point.

Notes: Keep body movement to a minmum because it cuts down on the full range of motion. This exercise will develop overall size of biceps.

Dumbell Preacher Curls

1. Find a comfortable position seated/standing behind a preacher bench holding a dumbbells.
2. Use an underhand grip, one arm at a time.
3. Lean into the preacher stand, firmly pressing the upper chest muscles against it.
4. Lift the dumbbell slowly upward in an arc until they almost touch the biceps.
5. Make sure to keep your upper arm on the pad and don't let your elbow move off the pad.
6. Repeat using the other arm.

Note: This can also be done with a barbell.

Reverse Standing Barbell Curls

1. Stand with feet a few inches apart, grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, down in front of you at arms length.
2. Curl the weight in a semicircular arc to just about even with your chin.
3. Lower the wight through same arc resisting on the way down.
4. Keep upper arms close to body to develop outside of biceps.
5. Keep thumb on top of bar to help work brachiclis.

Notes: This grip puts the bicep at a power mechanical disadvantage, so you will not curl as much weight. Also good for forearm development.

Standing Hammer Curls

1. Hold dumbells with palms facing forward to isolate outer bicep and place maximum stress on them.
2. Complete each rep slowly and deliberately durning both the upward and downward motion.

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