Big Ramy Workout

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Big Ramy Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Big Ramy Workout

Most of you readers will have heard of Big Ramy, the Egyptian bodybuilder who won the Arnold classic. He is also the heaviest bodybuilder to ever compete at any Mr. Olympia show since it started. Tipped as the next Mr. Olympia, Mamdouth Elssbaiy is a big man that only stands 5'8" (1.75 meters) tall but he is somehow able to stand on the Mr. Olympia stage weighing 316lbs ripped to shreds.

Big Ramy lifts some serious weight in order to maintain that amount of muscle, we won't be talking about his daily nutrition in this article, we only talking about the intensity and the workouts he does. Big Ramy trains a 5 day split that looks like this:

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Quads and Hamstrings

Wednesday: Deltoids

Thursday: Back

Friday: Arms

Saturday & Sunday: REST

Big Ramy hasn't tried to re-invent the wheel and sticks to doing 2 basic compound movements with 2 isolation exercises. We need to keep in mind that this huge man has only been training as a bodybuilder for less than 5 years. He is one of those genetically gifted mesomorphs that have made bodybuilding such a fast growing sport.

Below is a typical Monday chest day for Big Ramy, you'll see he keeps it's simple and hard. He makes a point of cycling his workouts by changing up his sets and reps that he does. He says that he works slow and deliberate using a 2-1-2 tempo on all his reps.

EXERCISE 1: Incline B/B or D/B press or Machine press 4 X 8-12 reps

EXERCISE 2: Incline D/B Flyes 4 X 8-12 reps

EXERCISE 3: Flat B/B or D/B press or Seated Machine press 4 X 8-12 reps

EXERCISE 4: Cable Crossovers 4 X 8-12 reps

Big Ramy has only been training for a few years and was taken on by the owner of Oxygen Gym in Kuwait called Bader Boodai. Big Ramy explains that the huge variety of different training machines they got there allows him to change the angle at which he hits his muscle groups from.

His training with a slow tempo is what he calls intelligent training because you're lifting a weight to achieve a specific purpose, not to stroke your ego. Big Ramy says that this "control" of every rep is even more important when working with dumbbells.

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