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Bodybuilders Healthy or Unhealthy

Are bodybuilders healthy? That question can be answered in both the positively and negatively. For example, a physician observing a top-level bodybuilding competition and pointed out that they were a group of "the most unhealthy men in America." And time has proven that true as the death and illness rate among professional bodybuilders is sky high.

That's the opposite of yesterday's bodybuilders such as John Grimek and Jack Lalanne, who were the fittest guys in any room. And they stayed fit all of their lives. Bodybuilders who have made steroids part of their program for an extended period of time often don't even make it into old age, or if they do, are a shriveled up shadow of what they formerly were.

Today's bodybuilding emphasis on size at all costs indeed has a cost with it, the loss of health. And most bodybuilders are not only not athletic, they are also on the verge of major illnesses which crop up shortly down the road.

Many bodybuilders also employ cycles of minimal dietary intake (coupled with diuretics) and often forgo any substantial fiber intake for weeks at a time, a huge dietary mistake.

Natural bodybuilders are much healthier but they also need to be careful not to make assumptions. Some of the many exotic supplements on the market can compromise their health as well as the supplement industry is not really regulated and not tested over the long term and who knows what the effect on the body will be from taking notable amounts of some of these elements? Also, natural bodybuilders need to incorporate a holistic approach to training, including explosive action and flexibility moves to round out the full spectrum of their potential capabilities.

So a bodybuilder can be the healthiest guy around, or the sickest guy around. There usually isn't much middle ground between the two approaches.

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