Bodybuilders Look Fat

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Why Do Modern Bodybuilders Look Fat

Have you noticed that many bodybuilders today – from the intermediate to the top champions – look fat? Not fat like an obese kid, but fat, thick, puffy, mainly around the middle, And the face. And a few other areas as well.

This fat issue really stands out if you compare these guys with top bodybuilders of the past. The trim lines of a Lee Labrada are never seen anymore. What is seen is large “guts and butts”. Indeed, massive middles and huge hip/glute regions.

Why are modern bodybuilders so thick in areas where they should be lean? The top bodybuilders and many who copy their approach take anabolic steroids and growth hormone and one of the side aspects of this is a huge appetite, as well as the necessity of eating a lot of calories to support the growth. That huge caloric intake shows up not only in the muscles but also in the middle.

This increased size shows up even on the posing stage, where if the bodybuilder lets his waist out, it is substantial. And between contests it is even bigger. Catch one of the top guys in a “relaxed” state and you will literally be amazed at how large their midsection is.

Another reason modern bodybuilders look fat is that they largely have gotten away from cardio work. Sure, some get into it before a contest (along with diuretics), but most don’t do any significant cardio training, particularly in a realistic athletic sense, during most of the year. And that failure to be faithful with cardio translates into a fatter body.

Modern bodybuilders have made mass the king of all and in so doing have literally destroyed the waist area. That’s a mistake because a trim waist makes the rest of the body appear in balance and a trim waist is also a sign of good health. Today’s bodybuilders have neither. So by allowing mass to overshadow and overtake all other factors, modern bodybuilders have allowed fat to creep into the equation.

There is another element here besides eating a ton of calories. When certain growth drugs are taken, they make everything grow, and that includes internal organs such as the waist, heart, and potentially also tumors, etc. World-renowned strongman Mike Jenkins, a top gun in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, recently died at age 31. Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick stated that the direct cause of death for Jenkins was an "immensely" enlarged heart that the coroner attributed to Jenkin's use of anabolic steroids.

Some drugs make everything grow, not merely the muscles. And this includes the middle of the body. So this growth, plus the eating of tons of calories, has truly turned today’s bodybuilders into massive dudes. And that includes the “butt and gut” as well.

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