Bodybuilding Do's and Don'ts

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Do's and Don'ts of Bodybuilding

Many guys first introduction is experimental they start out not really knowing what to do and experiment to find out what works and what doesn't. And experimentation is great as that's how top bodybuilders like Arnold developed unique approaches. However, a novice really shouldn't spend as much time experimenting as does a veteran. With that in mind, here are a few key do's and don'ts for bodybuilding.

Don't spend all your time on minor muscle groups like the biceps.

Do - spend the majority of your training time on the key muscles that build up size, strength and power as well as turbo-charge your metabolism. And that translates into the thighs and back. Remember this thighs equal size. The thighs are the major muscle power of the body, and the back muscles are the major muscles of the upper torso. Target these areas from the beginning and your training will be much more successful.

Don't get caught up in a serious of exotic training approaches that the top stars recommend.

Do spend your time on basic, compound movements. You don't need to get into the exotic types of movements and approaches until you have a big base of solid muscle.

Don't follow the super high volume of the stars. Why? Often these guys are using chemical support and can recover faster than the normal Joe.

Do use a "hit and get" approach to training staying no more than 45 minutes per workout session. This guarantees you have full hormonal support for your training and by the way, natural support.

Don't focus exclusively on body size.

Do includes some power work with your bodybuilding training. The mix is better than getting stuck on an approach that isn't complete.

Do focus on a full range of motion most of the time. A full range of motion is better for full muscle development. This translates into such actions as going deep in the squat, etc.

Don't cheat on the rep range unless you specifically are using a cheating cycle for a specific reason.

Don't spend the majority of your time on weight machines.

Do focus the majority of your training on free weight work. Machines should be supplementary, not the main tool.

Don't neglect your diet.

Do eat healthy and nutritious 90 percent of the time (a little cheating is actually good in the long run).

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