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How to Build Energy for Bodybuilding

IBodybuilding training, and indeed virtually all sports endeavors, run on energy. The person or team with the most energy wins, all other factors being equal. Energy is the fuel, the flow, that makes things go. So it is important to have your own energy at the highest levels for maximizing your results for every single workout you perform.

One of the best things you can do for boosting your energy levels is to squat. That may seem strange – using exercise to make your energy output better, but it works. That’s because squatting is the number one way to boost your metabolism. And the stronger your metabolism runs, the more energy you have to rely on. Squatting now will make your future workouts better.

Cardio is another tool for ramping up your energy levels. Cardio training on a consistent basis increases your recovery rate and that in turn boosts your energy levels. If you habitually employ cardio workouts then you will have a constant level of higher energy – its that simple. Although many weight lifters avoid cardio, that is a huge mistake as it strongly promotes a sustained higher energy level.

The dietary aspect for energy is also vital. After all, your body is composed of what you eat, and runs on what you feed it. For energy, a couple of the best choices are chia seeds and brewer’s yeast. Chia seeds can elevate your energy literally for days. It is used by long distance runners to make ultra long runs.

Brewer’s yeast can blast your energy for roughly eight hours, giving you more to work with during that time frame.

Finally, your attitude can add to or detract from your energy output in the gym. That’s why some of the top bodybuilders like to meditate before going into the gym, focusing on massive lifts and big pumps instead of dragging the bills, the ex-girlfriend and a hundred other distractions into the workout. By focusing and getting mentally fired up, your energy output will be much higher.

Your energy level is one of the most important factors for getting a great workout and you should never overlook it but rather specifically promote the most energy, in a natural way, that you can possible generate.

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