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The Future of Bodybuilding: A Return to Sanity?

Does bodybuilding have a future? Bodybuilding had its turn in the limelight but couldn’t hang on and the general public couldn’t relate to a niche of society that became increasingly freaky. More drugs, fake muscles and all the hubris that went along with it took bodybuilding down. So too did the increasing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, which was real as opposed to the perception that public had of bodybuilding’s fading façade.

The consistent deaths of young bodybuilders and strength athletes with the very real possibility that steroids were the main contributor (for instance the recent deaths of Vince Comerford, and World’s Strongest Man champ Mike Jenkins to add to the huge and growing list of dead young bodybuilders and strength athletes) also soured the public, along with bodybuilder’s refusal to acknowledge the danger of taking this toxic drugs.

The general public and some bodybuilders and athletes are starting to see just what a dead end the modern approach to bodybuilding is, and looking for better alternatives.

Out of the ashes of the train wreck of modern day bodybuilding, can arise a return to the basic foundation that made bodybuilding great in the past, and that foundation is based on health. Once bodybuilding diverged from the basis of health in a certain sense it ceased to be about building the body bur rather building a body façade. The health aspect really needs to return to bodybuilding in order for it to regain its luster.

Bodybuilding can again provide the winning combination of a body that both looks great and is healthy. What bodybuilders need to do is pick up the elements that were being used in the late 40’s and early to mid 50’s, when drugs were not around, and push on from there. As more bodybuilders become aware of the necessity of this, bodybuilding can advance again and regain its position as the premier manner in which to improve and benefit the body.

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