Bodybuilding Genetics Truth

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The Truth about Bodybuilding Genetics

Do genetics play a key role in successfully building a big and powerful body? Absolutely. And just as with any sport, the way you are born affects how things turn out for you. For instance, Shaq OíNeal would have a hard time riding a horse to victory in the Kentucky Derby and the winning Kentucky Derby rider couldnít come close to dunking a basketball.

Genetics play a role in every arena. A football coach once said the best thing a young fellow could have is a big mother. Funny, sad and true all at the same time. Genetics often determine how your body will succeed or fail in this world and this applies in bodybuilding as well. It is a simple, basic fact Ė some people have an easier time putting on muscle. Some guys arms grow like wildfire without all that much effort.

Big Secrets

There is another element here, however. The big secret is that a good portion of the top bodybuilders historically havenít been genetically at the top of the DNA heap. Yes, some are, but just as many are not. And another big secret is that just because many guys who are genetically blessed could become top bodybuilders doesnít mean they do. Many guys simply enjoy their already fairly well developed body, do a bit of training and call it good. Often the genetically gifted donít have that hard core drive to push their body to the limit. And thatís where the average or even hard gainer makes up the lost ground. The attitude is just as important as genetics, and a winning attitude is the driving force. Yes, if you have a genetically gifted guy who also has a hardcore approach, he will move mountains in the gym. But most donít. Most take their gift and leave it unused. What about you?

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