Bodybuilding Steroids Deaths

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Steroids Where Are The Bodies

Bodybuilding Deaths & Steroids – the Sad Legacy

Nancy Grace of TV fame recently caused a small storm when she pointed out the many deaths of relatively young men in professional wresting (sparked by the recent death of the Ultimate Warrior). Indeed the percentage of those in professional wresting who make it to a ripe old age is indeed small.

Nancy could have made a similar observation about bodybuilding. Indeed, most professional wrestlers have a bodybuilding background and share the chemical support approach that bodybuilders do. And a bodybuilder who makes it into his 70’s without serious health impairment is rare also. Many bodybuilders have died at a young age – or have had massive heart attacks in their 30’s, or a high incidence of cancer.

Powerful chemicals used in bodybuilding may not only cause the muscles to grow but also cancers and other parts of the body. One area of real concern is the heart. Consider this - In 2004, USA Today ran an article noting the high incidence of death in professional wrestling:

Since 1997, about 1,000 wrestlers 45 and younger have worked on pro wrestling circuits worldwide, wrestling officials estimate. USA TODAY's examination of medical documents, autopsies and police reports, along with interviews with family members and news accounts, shows that at least 65 wrestlers died in that time, 25 from heart attacks or other coronary problems.

And that was many years ago. Since then notables such as the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage and others have passed on, many clutching their chests in pain.

Did you know there is a reason that they do so?

In a study led by Dr. Axel Urhausen of the Institute of Sports and Preventative Medicine, results indicated that users of the steroids were found to have concentric cardiac hypertrophy (enlarged heart) even after steroid use had ceased.

In another study, from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, bodybuilders who were taking anabolic-androgenic steroids were found to have higher levels of circulating concentrations of C reactive protein. C reactive protein concentration is a proven predictor of future cardiovascular incidents.

Even after the short-lived ride to the top of steroids is over, the damaging effect of steroids lingers on, be it for a football player, wrestler, world’s strongest man competitor, or yes, a bodybuilder.

Just some of the bodybuilders who died way too young include: Mike and Ray Mentzer, Casey Viator, Nasser El Sonbaty, Don Youngblood, Ron Teufel, Sonny Schmidt, Eduardo Kawak, Luke Wood, Scott Klein, Art Atwood, Don Ross, Vince Comerford and the list goes on and one.

So any idiot who asks where are the bodies, isn't looking at the mountain of bodies of dead bodybuilders piling up right in front of his nose.

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