Synthol is Stupid

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Bodybuilding Synthol Abuse

Synthol is for idiots!

Bodybuilding finally had its "jump the shark" moment when synthol started to be used by teenagers to get 20 plus inch arms without working out. Synthol, a fat oil that is injected into the body, causes the area to swell up to enormous proportions. And it looks absurd. Seach Bing for synthol freaks and check it out.

Gregg Valentino used synthol to take his arms to the world's biggest arms title, and then saw his arms and life explode in ruin. Synthol, by the way, is not muscle. It is an illusion of strength. When the illusion pops, so does everything else related to it.

Synthol has been used to create extreme sized body parts. A little perusal on the Internet reveals that the use of synthol has grown to a point of total absurdity and is now causing the bodybuilding world to be ridiculed.

The use of synthol also elevates cheating to an entirely new level. Originally there was the steroid use vs. non-steroid comparison, but now synthol is part of the fray. Some bodybuilders use steroids, and some use steroids plus synthol. And with some it may be obvious, but others might cheat just a little with it, just enough to win a contest.

Synthol use is stupid for a variety of reasons. It is not allowed for contests, although some try to sneak it in. It is harmful to the body, as some long-time users have found out. It is apparently addictive according to some who have gotten into the habit of using it. And the bottom line is that synthol is a crutch. That is, when it is removed, you go back to square one. Or worse, as synthol can inflict some heavy damage on the body.

Finally, synthol is not about building up the body. It is a showboat tool that never works out in the end.

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