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What's wrong with Bodybuilding Today?

Is something wrong with bodybuilding? Yes, you can start with the drugs, but are they only the symptoms of deeper issues? And chief of these issues was the size at all costs approach to training that came to take over the sport and turn it into a freak show instead of a sport.

When size and symmetry diverged, when aesthetics were overrun by bulk, bodybuilding started to come apart. Symmetry, aesthetics, lean lines, trim waists, are all as much a part of bodybuilding as is muscle mass. It is the pairing of these two branches that enables bodybuilding to reach the highest sphere. But bodybuilding took the fork in the road that was totally oriented to mass, and the result hasnít been pretty.

Drugs allowed bodybuilders to artificially inflate the size of their body and it was only a matter of time until things became worse. Much worse. Instead of using drugs as a secondary source to artificially pump up the size of the body, why not just skip the drugs and the weight training as well and directly pump up the body with elements such as implants and synthol?

Bodybuilding went off the main road when it went down this divergent path and sadly took a whole generation of youngsters with it. Instead of learning about the equal importance of symmetry, shape, and an ultra trim middle, all todayís youth know is size and more size.

Todayís bodybuilders arenít athletes. They canít really move that mass around very well, and really appear to waddle more than walk. Their bodyís arenít good for much more than flexing their mass but unfortunately the vast majority of it is not functional muscle and they donít really have functional bodies. And many are fat. If you see them in the off-season and check out their waistline, it is big. Real big.

Bodybuilding today is not healthy either. Some of the top professionals spend more time eating (to maintain that mass) than they do training, and it doing so, wear out the body from the inside out. Bodybuilding originally was all about health but today the only health concerns is what happens after the career and hoping and praying that they donít die young.

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