Boyer Coe Workout

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Boyer Coe Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Boyer Coe Workout

If you're interested in bodybuilding's history, then a pioneer in the sport respected for being the only man to get a perfect score at the World Cup Bodybuilding Championships. Boyer Coe competed for four decades winning 15 professional titles and 11 amateur titles.

He started training where he was born and won Mr. Texas and then Mr. Dallas in 1965, Mr. America in 1969 then NABBA Mr. Universe in 1972, World Cup in 1981 as well as many other top bodybuilding titles. Boyer Coe has made an enormous contribution to bodybuilding, from co-hosting a new fitness program on ESPN, to owning a health store, running his own gym and inventing exercise equipment.

Boyer gained a reputation as having the best deltoids in the business in the 1970's and we have not included his complete workout routine for the week, but have rather used the limited space to list his training philosophy and how he would attack any body-part, so we've listed his delt workout below.

Boyer's idea of gaining muscle is very specific, he said that doing a serious workout is about increasing your "work capacity" which he does by doing sets in a descending load pattern. His workouts would be well organized and planned that in his own words needs to have the following points adhered to.

1. Warm up using a light weight until you reach a weight at which you struggle to complete 12 reps.

2. Using strict form perform 12 reps with that weight.

3. Only rest 60 seconds, while you decrease your weight you're using by 2.5 to 10 pounds. This would obviously depend on your strength level and the type of exercise you're doing.

4. Complete as many STRICT reps as you can with the new decreased weight.

5. You rest 60 seconds while you're decreasing the weight by 5bls to 10lbs.

You then move onto the next exercise and complete 3 different exercises for each body-part.

Seated Barbell Military Presses:

1. Warm up
2. 12,10,10, 10 reps with 60 sec rest

Low-Pulley-Rope Upright Rows:

1. Warm-up
2. 12,10,9, reps Seated Lateral Raises:

1. Warm-up
12,12,11,8 reps

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