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Brooks Kubik Dinosaur Training Review

Brooks Kubik Dinosaur Training is all about training for strength, and that means real strength not just being able to bench-press half a ton. It talks about the way to increase your functional muscle and how to increase your core strength.

This book is for people who are serious about getting stronger as it concerns the strengthening of tendons and ligaments which is vital when getting stronger and just being able to lift more weight. But it always comes back to lifting weight and goes into great detail about power rack work and much more.

With regards to weight raining specifically Books Kubrik also talks about the use of a thick bar when training and how and why it strengthens your grip. Probably the most inspirational part is the reference to dedication, perseverance, concentration and general mental toughness.

One thinks of the cellar-dwellers and garage gorillas when Brooks talks about Kettlebells... Grip training tools... Thick bars... Sandbags... Barrels... Tires and other heavy awkward objects in order to get stronger. This is a book that is not for the light hearted person who only wants to train a little bit.

This is a book for people who are serious about getting strong and if there are any cons to this book it must be that it certainly does not cater for the average person in the gym. It is for people who are in love with iron and looking for ways of getting stronger.

If there is any disadvantage in going too far with weight training then the Dinosaur Training manual is going to be the top of the list. It is not meant for sissy’s and if you consider yourself one of those people who has taken your weight training too far then you need to get this book.

It will not help you to slow down or temper your workouts, but it will tell you exactly how to increase your strength and how to get tough when you are training if you want to get real results. This is not for the average man or woman that just wants to get fit.

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