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How To Build Better Biceps

If you want really better arms you have to fully develop the low biceps, as this is what gives your biceps that impressive look.

The Best Exercises For Lower Biceps

The best way to work the lower biceps is by doing the preacher curls on a rounded face bench.

Start by putting a towel on the bench so your arms don’t stick to it and to avoid possible friction burns.

Grab some fairly heavy dumbbells and do a set of approximately 6 reps with slightly loose from – creative cheating. You want to be sure your use a full range of motion, this means all the way down and even uncurling your wrist at the bottom, then curling it back up all the way to the top. After you do about 6 reps, you then do about 4 partial reps – also called burns.

Next you would go right away to doing a barbell preacher curl with a wide grip and do approximately 8 reps with very strict form – do not cheat on this exercise.

And for you final exercise do the reverse curl on the preacher bench using an e-z curl bar for a high rep burn out set of 12 to 15 reps.

These exercise are down all with no rest in-between, this is called a tri set, and you would then rest for only one minute and then repeat the tri set 2 more times.

This is not an easy workout to do, but it really works! Your biceps will start looking bigger and better in just a few weeks and then you’ll be hooked on this killer low biceps workout.

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