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How to find local bodybuilding competitions

If you are a bodybuilder, you may be interested in getting involved with bodybuilding competitions. A lot of those begin at the local level so how does one go about finding these competitions? I am so glad that you asked. In our discussion today, we will discuss some ways to find these competitions.

Method #1 At your local gym or YMCA

I am not sure where you are lifting; however it would be a good idea to talk to the director or whoever is in charge there. It is very possible that they are aware of where some competitions might be or this person might know someone that can be contacted to give you this information. While you are there, make sure that you read the bulletin boards for possible bodybuilding competition flyers.

Method #2 Talk to other people that lift

Even though you may be lifting on your own, start making conversation with other bodybuilders. Maybe they are already in competitions or maybe they might have some contacts. Remember it is always a good idea to associate with like-minded individuals.

Method #3 Use Social Media

With the advent of the Internet combined with places such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, there are a variety of places that one can look for local bodybuilding competitions. As an example, if you go to Facebook and type in the words "bodybuilding competitions + your city" you will get a list of sites that you can research. If you are on twitter, you can tweet as a question, "Are there any bodybuilding competitions?" and then add your city and state. Look on YouTube for bodybuilding competitions in your state and see what areas come up. This will let you know where the competitions in your state might be and then you can identify whether there are any in your local area.

Method # 4 Use Google

Again, thanks to the combination of Google and the Internet, it is pretty easy to get the information that you need concerning just about any topic that you can think of. With this in mind, if you type in "ocal bodybuilding competitions" and then your city and state or maybe just your state, you will be presented with a large list of sites. Once you get that list, go ahead and start researching.

Also some good websites to visit are:

In summary, in this age of information, it is fairly easy to find local bodybuilding competitions. See what you can find using any of these methods.

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