Casey Viator Workout

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Casey Viator Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Casey Viator Workout

Before we go into Casey Viator's training routine we first need to explain the rapidly changing world of bodybuilding, leading up to this 19 year old boy winning the AAU Junior Mr. America in 1971. It was a time when everything was changing as Arthur Jones had just launched his "Nautilus" muscle-building time bomb which exploded with aggressive writings and advertising for these new mysterious machines.

In those days Iron Man magazine was a huge 112 pages, mostly packed with non-stop adverts of this new Nautilus equipment endorsed by all the top bodybuilders, coaches, doctors, football players, schools and hospitals. Great bodybuilders at the time were all invited to visit Jones' Nautilus plant, men like Sergio Oliva, Arnold, Boyer Coe, Franco Columbu, and many other top ranked bodybuilders.

But what really worked for Jones' new Nautilus equipment was this new 18 year old Junior Mr. America called Casey Viator, who was secretly training with nautilus under Jones' guidance. Rumors at the time explain that even the great strength/mass bodybuilder called Sergio Oliva could not keep up with Casey doing 15 reps of full squats with 505lbs on his back.

Casey would train his whole body in a single workout three times a week, and each workout would last only half an hour. Below is the kind of workout Casey would do 3 times a week to build the solid muscle mass that enabled him to compete professionally.

Casey believed in pushing to the extreme using the workout below working without taking a rest between sets, or as little rest as possible. Casey would go from one exercise to the next at a solid and rapid pace to create maximum muscle stress. He would do this routine 3 times a week with a full days rest between each workout.

Leg Press: 1 X 20 reps
Leg Extensions: 1 X 14-20 reps
Squats: 1 X 14-20 reps
Leg Curls: 1 X 14-20 reps
Nautilus Pullover Machine: 1 X 20 reps
Special Circular Pull-downs: 1 X 20 reps
Chin-ups: 1 X 20 reps
Standing Lateral Raises: 1 X 20 reps
Press Behind Neck: 1 X 20 reps
Nautilus Special Side-Raises: 1 X 20 reps
Shoulder Shrugs: 1 X 20 reps
Bench Press: 1 X 20 reps
Incline Barbell Press: 1 X 20 reps
Parallel Bar Dips: 1 X 20 reps
Cable Crossovers: 1 X 20 reps
Barbell Curls: 1 X 20 reps
Nautilus Bicep & Triceps: 1 X 20 reps
Nautilus Pushdowns: 1 X 20 reps
Compound Triceps Movement: 1 X 20 reps
Seated Barbell Wrist Curls: 1 X 20 reps
Dead Lifts: 1 X 30 reps

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