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Bodybuilding Caveman Training

Getting Back to Basics with the Caveman Workout

If your workouts are not as productive as they have been in the past, there may be a simple reason, and an equally simple solution. The solution is basic really. Getting back to the basics is the way to cure any stagnation in gains.

Why? The basics are where the muscle size is developed. All the other fancy stuff, the dozens of isolation movements, the exotic techniques, may be able to help with some growth but they provide no productive path forward for big gains.

There is nothing more basic than a "caveman" workout. A caveman workout is solely reliant on basic movements. Start off with the squat. Perform three sets of ten repetitions. From here, move on to the bench press. Perform three sets of ten repetitions. After the bench press, perform three sets of the dip for as many repetitions as you can get. After the dip, it is on to finish the workout with three sets of the deadlift, also for 10 reps. That's a very simple routine but will tax your body and elevate your metabolism.

And there is more. The second part of the caveman routine is performed three (that's right, three) days later. Start off with the standing military press, three sets of 10 repetitions. On to the chin-up, close grip, three sets of as many repetitions as you can perform. From here you perform the barbell curl for three sets of ten repetitions. And you wrap up the workout with three sets of fifteen repetitions with the kettlebell with a fairly heavy bell.

That's it for the week just those two workouts, with plenty of rest. Perform the lifts with just 50 seconds rest between sets to keep the entire session intense. And use heavy weights for the lifts. And that will do the trick turn you into a caveman in no time.

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