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Cybergenics Workout Program

The Cybergenics workout program is something that was first launched about 15 years ago and is an effective combination of diet recommendations, tablets or supplements and also includes a very specific workout program. When you purchase the Cybergentics box you will get all the supplements that you need for the 60 day program. The supplements are called isolates.

The diet tells you that you should ONLY eat for 9 hours a day as the program is designed to get you working out in the morning after 13 hours of fasting which is what it insists on to get the promised results. The diet consists of pre and post workout nutrition or isolates.

This workout should be taken VERY seriously, and is NOT RECOMMENDED for beginners or people with a low pain tolerance threshold. When you purchase the CYBERGENICS WORKOUT you will also get a list of notes that will help you with your workouts and the creation of your new programs that you work. In that list you will find a few points that are not expected. Below are just a few examples:

All training is done immediately following a 13-15 hr. fast period, on an empty stomach.

The muscles are brought to positive and negative failure.

Rest time is limited to how long your partner takes to finish his/her superset(s).

Concentrate on raising the weight quick, while lowering it very slow, up to six seconds to do so.

Do not count reps. Everything is done to failure.

You can substitute exercises of your choice.

Here is a typical example of the training you would be doing on the Cybebegenics program. (DAYS 1 and 4)

Diet Day 1: Carb intake is limited to only 100 grams. Caloric intake is kept low, equal to your BMR (Bodyweight in lbs. /2.2 x24)

Diet Day 4: Eat large amounts of high-quality complex carbs with moderate protein consumption, about 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of your lean bodyweight. Caloric intake is at least 2 times your BMR (bodyweight in lbs. /2.2 x24)

Quads and Hams:

Cycle 1 (repeat cycle 4 times, no rest between each set of the cycle) Squats at 80% max to + and - failure Squats at 50% of the above to + and - failure Sissy squats to + and - failure Deep knee bends to + and - failure Flexing for 30 seconds

The brief example shown above and taken from the program directly is only showing the first of 4 different cycles that you need to do and each one will be concentrating on a specific muscle group. The example shown above is only to demonstrate how the workouts are planned but the diet is something that changes a lot because the Cybergenics program explains exactly how and when you should change it.

For example on day 7 of the program it will instruct you increase your Carb in-take and to eat large amounts of high-quality complex carbs and protein consumption, about 2 to 3 grams per kilogram of your lean bodyweight. Caloric intake is at least 2 times your BMR (bodyweight in lbs. /2.2 x24

For more info on Cybergenics go to Cybergenics Information and Ordering

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