Danny Padilla Workout

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Danny Padilla Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Danny Padilla Workout

Danny Padilla "The Giant Killer" was born April 3rd 1951 in Rochester, New York. Danny started training when he was only 7 years old because he had two older brothers that would lift coffins all day and to compete with them while being so short took weight training, guts and sheer determination.

Danny was born to compete as a bodybuilder, despite his 5'2". He first won Mr Rochester competing as a novice and easily won showing all the important aspects it takes to score maximum points at any bodybuilding show. Danny had found his passion and he would win every time he stood onstage as a novice bodybuilder.

The way that Danny's body responded to weight training would always put him at the top selection in any bodybuilding contest. By showing enormous muscle depth together with symmetry and balance was just what any good bodybuilding judge is looking for.

Danny joined the IFBB and his first contest for them was the 1975 IFBB Mr USA held in Madison Square Garden. Danny had never met bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robby Robinson etc from the west coast. Once again Danny won his division easily but it even shocked him when he took the overall title.

To demonstrate how Danny's winning bodybuilding shows had less to do with his good genes and more to do with his training technique he used. The first impact when you watch Danny training is his religious adherence to perfect form when doing any movement.

However, just as important when looking at the way Danny trained is the rhythm that Danny used when doing a movement/exercise. When a bodybuilder lifts a weight concentrically too slowly force production is radically reduced and fatigue comes too fast.

When a bodybuilder lifts a weight too fast then, momentum takes over making only the first two reps in any set to be of any value. Danny had a natural born ability to use a rep training rhythm that is able to use maximum force production while stressing the targeted muscle through the full range of motion.

His training is very specific; doing 5 sets of 12 reps in a very well-oiled system where he'll increase the weight when he can complete all 5 sets by only resting a minute between sets. Danny would train between 2 or 3 movements for each body-part doing the following split routine.

Day 1: Superset Chest and Back, each chest movement flowed by a back movement.

Day 2: Shoulders and Arms, using a superset by selecting 2 shoulder exercises together and/or biceps with triceps.

Day 3 legs

In conclusion, Danny Padilla developed a rep limit range where he would stop training that specific set before he reached the point of failure and unable to move the weight anymore. This "rep limit" is used by Danny to always train using that perfect form of his with his perfect rhythmical timing of his, not too fast and not too slow.

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