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Do Women Really Like Big Muscles On A Man

In a book called The Adonis Complex written by Harrison Pope he explains that women generally have a subconscious attraction to men with muscles that goes way back to our ancestors and what we needed to survive. But the point is that there is a limit to how much muscle they like which most women will find difficult to articulate.

That limit according to a survey that was done on large muscles is when the muscles become too large and there are veins popping out all over the body. Most women feel that it is simply too much and they find it repulsive but that needs to be set against the normal well-built athletic body with low body-fat.

Fat was admired and envied by the poor over a hundred years ago but today the natural attraction of muscles on the body is usually only seen because of a low body-fat. Women seem to think that having a low body-fat and showing some muscle is a show of the male's ability to handle life in general and becoming a good mate.

It is natural and comes from the genetic survival mechanism that is built into every women and they will always look at a lean body with muscle as being more capable than a fat obese body. In a study it was shown that women today are more attracted to a low body-fat man with muscles than having lots of muscle that is hidden behind too much fat.

The Adonis Index (AI) is now something that every man can get for free online by just entering his measurements and age. It then gives you a figure which is your own Adonis Index reading which will tell you how attractive to women you are.

The bottom line about women being attracted to men with muscles is that it depends on how much body-fat goes along with those big muscles. It is generally accepted these days that having muscles on your body as a man is going to get you noticed by women around you.

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