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Dorian Yates Bodybuilding Workouts

Dorian Yates was the most dominant bodybuilder of his era, wining Mr. Olympia after Mr. Olympia title. But he also was significant for one other factor he was the first fully HIT bodybuilder to beat everyone else. Mike Mentzer came close, but Dorian was the first HIT user to defeat everyone. And he did it again and again.

Dorian's philosophy was truly HIT, to give every workout everything he had. And he also emphasized doing it in good form.

Dorian spread his workout around during the week. At one point he would work deltoids and triceps on day one, his back on day two, take a day off on day three, work the chest and biceps on day four, the legs and calves on day five, and take day six and day seven off. In this manner he could work intense but get in plenty of rest. It is a good rotation to consider. And that was just one of a few different rotations he employed.

Dorian rotated the training days around but he stuck with a few favorite exercises and used them again and again. For example, for triceps he liked the triceps pushdown movement and the prone extension (skull crushers) Dorian focused on getting in a good warm up, then going heavy.

For the triceps pushdown exercise, it looked like this:

1x15 warmup set
1x12 warmup set
1x8-10 heavy working set
Dorian followed this up with one more exercise.
Prone EZ-curl barbell extensions
1x12 warmup set
1x8-10 heavy working set

Dorian would typically take just a couple of exercises for a body part, warm up, then go super heavy.

Dorian had a couple of other trademarks to his training. He would employ some powerlifting movements such as the deadlift, and he would also mix in some machine work into his training, such as leg extensions and leg presses with squats.

Dorian's held to the brief but intense training style and showed it could cop the ultimate title.

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