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Double Split Training Workout Routine

A double split routine is a training routine, which is only possible for professional bodybuilders who pump iron for a living. At one time there was a rash of novices who complained about overtraining when this type of program was first spoken about which was 50 years ago.

Arnold's double split routine was first published decades ago but there are still bodybuilders who use it today with great success but it is a very tough schedule to stick to. Training a double split routine means that you are training twice a day and that means you have the time, the opportunity and the desire to do so.

Double split training is very advanced bodybuilding because the person who is doing the double split needs to know their body and exactly how much is too much when it comes to pumping iron and that takes time and patience. Plus the correct and most efficient nutrition to supply everything extra your body needs.

The last inclusion that needs to be added when training a double split if you are not taking steroids, is to sleep 10 hours every night. When taking steroids and eating correctly the body is able to speed up recuperation which is why the steroids were taken in the first place.

Below is a good example of a normal double-split routine only for the first day. The rest of the split would be the same with hard and heavy training on a body-part in the morning and more reps with a lighter weight in the afternoon. Training one body-part a week makes 5 days to train the whole body with a two day well-deserved rest over the weekend.

Monday Workout
10am - Chest Compound with Power
Exercise                              Sets	Reps
Bench Press	                      4	        5
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press	      4	        8
Hammer Strength Chest Press	      4	        10

3pm - Chest isolation and Burn

PM                                    Sets	Reps
Dumbbell Flys	                      3	        10
Pec Dec	                              3	        12
Cable Crossover	                      3	        15
Bench Press	                      2	        20

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