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Ecdysterone Muscle Growth Supplement

ecdysterone supplement

What if you could find a way to improve your retention of nitrogen and provide a good anabolic environment to increase protein synthesis and the muscle mass in your body? Does it sound too good to be true? It was until companies found a way to extract ecdysterone, a naturally occurring phytochemical, from an herbal compound of Cyanotis vaga and Rhaponticum/Levzeae by in-vitro cell cultivation in 2000. This lowered the cost and provided an adequate concentration and purity of a product known to help develop muscle mass since 1963.

Dr. Burdette studied the relationship between ecdysterone, protein and nitrogen in the body in 1963. He found that an increased rate of protein synthesis will increase muscle mass. At the Smolenk State Medical Institute in Russia, V. Smetann and other researchers, published a scientific study on the effects of ecdysterone in the Scientific Sports Bulletin in 1988. The objective was to determine how ecdysterone affected muscle mass, adipose (fat) tissue and hormonal changes in highly trained athletes over a ten day period. One group would receive protein, one a placebo and another 5 mg/kg body weight of ecdysterone per day combined with protein. The results showed a slight increase of muscle mass with those receiving protein, and a slight decrease in muscle mass with the placebo group. Those taking the ecdysterone and protein had a 6-7% increase in lean muscle mass with a 10% decrease in adipose tissue. Results indicated that a high protein diet was essential for developing muscle mass. The study also showed that ecdysterone increased hemoglobin levels, developed mature red blood cells through erythropoieses and decreased urea levels. A safety test performed on December 3, 1998 by ICN Biochemicals determined that ecdysterone was toxic at 6,400 mg/kg, but this level is 4,121 times the recommended dose. In endocrine testing, growth hormones, ACTH, leutinizing hormones, testosterone, insulin and cortisol were not affected by ecdysterone.

In an earlier study by B.Ya Smetanin in 1986, highly trained speed skaters from 18 to 26 years old were given ecdysterone to assess the effect on body weight, work capacity, VO2 maximum and lung capacity. An effect was noted, and it caused a definite increase of oxygen to the cells, oxygen pulse maximum and exhalation of carbon dioxide. There was an increased endurance, energy and stamina for those taking the ecdysterone compared with the placebo group. The study also indicated a decreased recovery time, optimal muscle anabolism, fat reduction and maximized performance. In another Russian study by B.G. Fadeev, eighty nine percent of athletes, who took the ecydysterone supplement, showed an increase in performance, motivation, strength, speed and decreased fatique compared to the placebo group.

Over 50 scientific studies have shown how ecdysterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone affects almost all of the body systems. It stimulates metabolism, increases myofibril protein, improves the function of the liver, brain and nerve cells. Ecdysterone stabilizes cell membrane and pushes nutrients into organ and muscle tissue causing increased muscle repair and growth. Besides lowering cholesterol, it stimulates phospholipids and has an antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the body.

Ecdy-Bolin is a powerful ecdysterone supplement to help build muscle, endurance and stamina. It is safe and effective for women, men and teenagers. It especially helps people who have a difficult time increasing muscle mass. When combined with a high intensity exercise program plus a protein rich diet, measurable results may be seen as early as two weeks. The recommended dose is 1 to 3 capsules a day taken three times a day with meals. Ecdy-Bolin capsules come in 100 mg capsules with sixty capsules to a bottle.

Ecdy-bolin is a well-established and great muscle building supplement. It contains no ingredients that have been banned or illegal.

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