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Escalating Density Training Workouts

Escalating density training (EDT) is something that has been used by many professional athletes to improve their performance. It is all about time management and making the best use of your training so that you are able to achieve a higher intensity to enable better gains.

You first need to select two antagonistic movements like bench-press and T-bar rowing for the back muscles. Or biceps and triceps but you should not do something like shoulders and chest together as they use the same body-part to complete the movement i.e triceps.

If you start with a weight that you can lift 10 to 12 reps on a normal training day then you would set the time for 20 minutes and start. You would then try and complete as many sets going from bench-press directly to the next movement of T-bar rowing.

When doing EDT correctly you should make a note of the total rest periods you are taking by having a stop watch with you when you rest. The idea is to reduce the rest time as much as you can. When you have reduced the time you rest to the lowest that you can do for the 20 minute workout you would then increase the weight.

So the main objective when doing the two selected movements on EDT is to train non-stop without taking a rest going from one movement to the next. Only when you have managed to do this will you consider increasing the weight. This type of training will increase your endurance and also your muscle mass.

The increased intensity that you achieve when training EDT is going to have a compounded effect on your growth hormone that you release as well as the amount of testosterone that you release on this type of workout. Another advantage is that you will reduce the training time that you normally spend while getting better results.

Below is a list of other antagonistic movements that can be done together when training with EDT:

Barbell Curl and Tricep Pushup

Dumbbell Overhead Press and Lat Pull-downs

Stiff Leg Deadlift and Leg Extensions

Front Squat and Less Curl

Dips and Chin Ups

Bench Press and Barbell Rows

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