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Fast Reps for Mass

Rep speed is a controversial topic on any bodybuilding forum and the main reason is the experts seem to all say something different. Specifically for the time under tension (TUT) advocates who feel that a good repetition is one that takes 10 seconds which is 4 seconds for the positive 2 seconds pause and 4 seconds for the negative.

Other experts say that 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down is the best mix but it is obvious that it will depend on the workout you are doing and the ultimate objective. It is the objective that will change when you need to switch from slow reps to fast reps.

Any fast lifting tempo that is done will mean doing the reps explosively without altering training with correct form. Any repetition that is done quickly will minimize the tension, which will allow you to lift a heavier weight. Although the amount of tension is less than when doing a TUT type of training you will be able to train with heavier weight.

It is the increased strength that you get from hitting these heavier weights that will increase your lean body mass you hold because a strong muscle is a big muscle. This is the core power that you have at your disposal and it needs to be something that you treat with respect and that you know whatever strength you now have did not come easily.

It came from hard work and the training with slow as well as fast reps. Most of the bodybuilding experts recommend that both fast and slow reps be done to get the benefit of training with weights. The rep speed on can start with TUT training and then increase the speed of the rep as the weight gets heavier.

Once the maximum weight is achieved for a specific body-part or movement then the next objective is to slow down the repetition until a rep for ten seconds can be done. You could use fast rep training to your advantage so that you will either be changing rep speed or the weight at any given time.

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