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Garage Workout Ideas

Building or setting up a garage gym is certainly not a novel idea and is something that has probably been done since the first garage was built. But there are some basic requirements that need to be considered even before you decide on setting up a garage gym.

The first of these is space, as you need to be able to move without stepping into clutter of any kind so you need a workout space that needs to be free of everything else. Filling your garage gym with weights that you will never use is a total waste of time and money.

The basics are a pull-up bar or a chinning bar which not only needs to be secured firmly against a wall or a doorframe but it needs to give you space to move. There are countless ways that you can use a chinning bar from doing ring work by hanging rings from the bar to ‘toes to bar’ moves.

If your objective is to build muscle you are going to have to not only purchase some cheap weights and a barbell but also a rubber mat of sorts so that you can drop a dead-lift weight without breaking the concrete. The weight that you can buy second hand on Craigslist is a lot cheaper than new ones.

If you are buying your weights on a budget then you could save money by not spending it on a bench and use an alternative like raising your upper body on a few 2 X 4’s and then just bench off the floor. Working correctly and with good form you can put on muscle and get stronger with just a barbell and some weights.

A clock is a good idea as you will be able to monitor your progress and adjust your rest periods when a large clock is easily available to see. If you are not on a strict budget then you should definitely consider a wooden platform. A tape measure could be added as well as some chalk for when you do a movement like dead-lift.

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