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Are Bodybuilders Gay

I'm sure you have heard some form of the following:

"Bodybuilders are gay".

"A real man doesn't have to build up his muscles and flex them on stage to prove his masculinity."

"Why can't bodybuilders just admit that they are gay?"

Well these kinds of statements are the same type of prejudice as "Jews are cheap", "Irishmen are drunks", "Polish people are stupid" and thousands of other stereotypes.

Prejudice means to judge before hand, so rather then observe each person on a individual bases, you just notice something simple like skin color, religion, muscles, etc. and automatically put them in some category. This is not only ignorant itís just plain lazy!

We live in a crazy world, where there is a lot of fear, gossip, hatred and intolerance.

I think this gay rumor was started by jealous men that were too lazy to exercise and they had to put down bodybuilders by saying false things like "muscle men are homosexual", "lifting weights makes you muscle bound", "all that muscle turns to fat when you stop working out", etc.

Are there gay bodybuilders? Asking this question is like asking are there gay people, of course there are.

Are all bodybuilders gay or are a large percentage of them gay? My experience is that is is a small percentage, not much different than the percent of the population that is homosexual.

One last thing you have to ask yourself is why do you care who is or isn't gay. How does it affect your life what someone else does?

I personally am not gay and have never found other men to be sexually attractive, but I don't care if other people are gay. If a gay person comes on to me, which has only happened one or two times in my entire life I just tell them I am married and not interested, it's no different then what I would say to a women that came on to me.

So let's all grow up a bit, cast off these prejudices, stereotypes, etc. and learn to live and let live.

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