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Do you feel that you need guidence in your training? The kind of advise you can only get from a professional. Well you've come to the right place. This site is a list of resources that I have used and approved of. They have helped me along the way to the outstanding physique that I have always wanted.

It's likely that you and I have alot in common, if you have found your way here. I was a 140 pound wimp! I trained for 10 years before I started finding some information that actually helped. It's very difficult to get past all of the hype in bodybuilding training and actually start getting usefull info. Even worse is the training that is offered in most magazine articles, which comes from the pros usually. These guys don't just use steroids any more. They are really walking pharmacies! I have never used drugs and have no desire to do so.

The good news is that the info in the following links really works! I'm living proof. I have finally added some seroius mass to my frame and gotten up to 190 pounds, after years of no progress.

This website is dedicated to bringing you links to proven muscle building information, and the best deals on supplements!

Natural Size This system is really taking the bodybuilding web by storm. The information is complete and consise and provides a system that anyone can use to build the physique that they have yearned for. If you have wanted an easy to understand system that you can apply to your training this is it. The muscle and strength gains are nothing short of incredible. More Info!


Anabolics Mall This is a link to a great source for supplements. If you are tired of supplements that promise gains and don't deliver, then you need to check out this site. I only endorse something that works, and this stuff does! More Info!


More To Come!

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