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General Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilding is a way of life and success and building muscle relies on a couple of things we are going to cover each one in detail and by the end you will have all the tools you need to put on a massive amount of muscle.

Stress the Muscle Fibers

You want muscle, well how do you get more of it? You physically have to stress the fibers of your muscles. You body will make those fibers bigger and stronger. Therefore increasing how much muscle you have. Building muscle is not about working out a lot it's about working out the right way. You could workout all day long and not really gain any muscle mass. Weight lifting and stressing muscle fibers is two completely different things and that's how you should see it as well.

Do a one armed bicep curl get it to the top then squeeze the muscle and hold the weight between the top and rest position all the way at the bottom. Keep it there as long as you can eventually the muscles will slowly drop and give out but as long as you're fighting it you will feel stress on the muscle fibersr. Stressing muscle is something you need to feel. Going to the extreme giving 100% guess what if you want to stress muscle you need to give it your all. Only once you push your muscles past their physical breaking point will muscle grow.

Keep the Weight on the Muscle

The greatest obstacle to any muscle stressing is your technique. You see a lot of cheating with guys doing bicep curls. Watch them drop their hips and tilt their shoulders back this redistributes the weight and causing a swinging motion with their arms. In these cases they got a fraction of the weight actually on their bicep so they will only get a fraction of the result. More times than not they won't get any result because the muscle they have will only gets a small degree of strain. Start by getting your technical perfect then up the weight because you will not only stress more muscle fibers but also get more results.

So we have covered the importance of working out to stress muscle and how important keeping the weight on the muscle you're isolating is. Two final points one it's all up to you and it's a way of life. You decide every time you pick up a weight how long or how quickly you're going to get the body you want. It's a decision you make every time and if you're going to weight lift give it that extra 20 percent more. Why because you're there, it's your time and you won't get it twice. Bodybuilding, weight lifting, strength training is a way of life by doing it you build your body and your mind. Staying in that gym hitting that muscle right and having the heart and strength is a personal decision you have to make and every time you push yourself you get stronger.

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