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Self Defense Martial Arts Free Online Tips

Self-defense means you need to defend yourself and all situations are different with different personalities involved. If there is anything that any and all conflict situations have in common it must be that things are never black and white, you always have to use your judgment and decide on the best course of action.

Obviously the situation may demand that you resort to violence and you simply do not have any choice. But in so many more situations, self-defense means implementing a few of the tips that you can use to effectively de-escalate the problem and accomplish your mission of getting home in one piece.

This is done by rationally defusing a situation that you might find yourself in and avoiding a conflict which is not sexy or flashy, nor does it win you bragging rights with your drinking buddies. The problem is that this course of action is not what men do instinctively, in fact instinctively they do the exact opposite.

In most circumstances where violence is a threat and self-defense is required it is usually the most pragmatic solution to potential violence. It is the solution that offers the most bang for buck, the one that brings you closest to your mission goal with the lowest cost to you.

What it does mean is that it takes more than some stupid behavior from a guy whoís messed up in his head to make me knock his lights out. You first need to exhaust all other options before taking it there, so that you can get back to your life of fun and good times.

Self-defense tip #1: Forget what you see on the screen.

Unfortunately the repeated fight scenes that we see in the movies or on TV are simply not true in real life at all. If you said to a gangbanger on the street who was robbing you with a gun or a knife that he is too scared to shoot you or stick you, just like they would say in the movies, you will land up dead very quickly.

Self-defense tip #2: Live, love and be happy.

Violence can be like an uncontrollable beast and tends to escalate and become uncontrollable real fast. Love your significant other, family and friends, be as happy as you can be, every single day. This will help you to be able to let go of the issues that arenít worth fighting over simply because you have something worth losing.

Self-defense tip #3: Know yourself.

What this means is that in any given situation you always need to remind yourself that youíre half of the equation in a fight. That means your motivations and actions will definitely influence whether it turns to blows or not. There will always be situations that you will not be able to deescalate in any way. The point is that you need to make sure that you are not trying to pick a fight. Most potential conflicts situations can be avoided if you keep your head screwed on correctly.

If you know yourself then you will know if you are able to focus on finding solutions for the problem and not taking his bait or just leave. To be able to do that, you need to stay cool. To be able to stay cool, you need to know what sets you off.

Self-defense tip #4: Heís human too.

This means that the person with whom you may be having a conflict with has a reason why he is acting the way he is and in his mind he is correct. You certainly donít have to like the guy or turn the other cheek. Just by understanding his motivations in no way means approval of his actions. Feel free to think heís an asshole, pity the fool and walk away, back to your awesome life of which he will no longer be a part of.

Self-defense tip #7: Peyton Quinnís rules.

Peyton Quinn has four extremely practical rules to avoid and deescalate violent situations. If you use the 6 tips above you will be able to implement these rules very easily without a problem so here they are:

∑ Donít ignore him.

∑ Donít insult him.

∑ Donít challenge him or accept his challenge.

∑ Leave him a face-saving exit.

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