Bodybuilding and Steroids Side Effects

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What are the side effects of using steroids for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding has become a common activity with both men and women in today's society. Looking to gain strength and muscle mass, bodybuilders often use steroids as a way to enhance their performance, build their muscle quickly and become highly toned and fit. However, steroids for bodybuilding are not always safe and have many side effects. consider these side effects before taking steroids for bodybuilding:

1.Sex side effect

Steroids contain a lot of androgenic properties, therefor they can easily effect sex features and performance to both genders. Steroids will increase the level of estrogen in the body, and many men can develop gynecomastia, which builds breast tissue around the nipple area and increases the size and appearance in a negative way. Women taking steroids may find an increase of hair growth on their body, deepening of the voice, and an increase in sex organ size. You will most likely develop many masculine physical traits.

2.Cardiovascular side effects

Steroids can have a dangerous effect on your heart. They can increase blood pressure, decrease good cholesterol, and give you a higher risk of many heart diseases. One of the most dangerous and common side effects is the thickening of the left ventricle. This can easily lead to cardiac arrhythmias and even congestive heart failure.

3.Psychiatric side effects

There is a study that shows the mental side effects of steroids, including an increase in aggression, violence, and mania. You may experience constant mood swings and anger you cannot control. Long term usage will have significant effects on your mood and attitude, controlling the way you live your life.

4.Growth related side effects

If you are young and taking steroids, you may have growth related side effects when using steroids. This can lead to premature fusion of growth plates which can easily stunt growth and develop issues with the skeleton. Also, steroids within younger man and women tend to cause premature sexual maturation.

Although many bodybuilders believe steroids will help them out, they actually tend to have many negative side effects that create health problems both mentally and physically. Be careful when using steroids and consider these harmful side effects beforehand.

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