Insulin and Bodybuilding

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Using Insulin for Bodybuilding

Insulin Bodybuilding Dangers

Insulin has been recognized as a very powerful growth hormone by the bodybuilding community for many years now. Competing bodybuilders have been using the spike in insulin that they get from eating simple carbs before a contest to drive carbs into the muscles and also increase vascularity.

When insulin is taken as a drug for increased muscle growth is something that is extremely dangerous to add to your body if you are not a diabetic. There are quite a few risks associated with taking this hormone on a regular basis.

Low blood sugar is the obvious side effect of taking insulin if you donít need it. But just getting low blood sugar is a problem that you can easily solve if you are awake and you suddenly start to feel weak and tired you can have a coke or a chocolate to elevate your sugar.

The problem is that a bodybuilder who is taking extra insulin and using it to increase muscle growth will probably take a long acting insulin twice or three times a week. This means the bodybuilder could and would eventually slip into a hypoglycemic coma when they are sleeping.

As mentioned above when you feel shaky or weak from low blood sugar you can get some sugar and the problem is solved but when you are in deep sleep then you will slip into a coma and die. But that is not the only problem that taking insulin as a growth hormone can cause.

If you are not a diabetic then your pancreas is working and that means that it sends out insulin whenever it is needed. From eating complex or simple carbs to sweets and chocolates your pancreas responds immediately when you need insulin. The problem is that when you take insulin when you donít need it your body slows down its own insulin production.

The same when you take testosterone your body starts to slow down its own production of testosterone because it is already there. With taking insulin this could eventually cause your pancreas to stop producing insulin completely and you can make turn yourself into a diabetic just because you wanted more muscle.

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