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Using bodybuilding supplements for faster results

The important factors of bodybuilding in order of importance are:

1) Training

2) Diet

3) Rest

4) Supplements

Even though supplements are last on the list doesn't mean they are not important it just means that first you need to be training hard on a correct program, eating right for your goals and resting enough between workouts before you will get the most out of taking bodybuilding supplements.

There are so many bodybuilding supplements available today that it can be very confusing choosing which will get you the best results and which ones are a waste of your time.

You will also want to know which ones are safe and legal and which may have too many unwanted side effects or any that are illegal or banned.

We have picked out the top five supplements that are both legal, safe and give good and fast results.

Amino acids are what you body uses as "building blocks" for muscle, hair, skin, etc. Taking amino acids in supplement form can increase your energy, give you faster recovery, greater strength and muscle mass gains as will as faster fat loss. It's no small wonder why amino acids have become so popular with bodybuilders.

Herbal testosterone boosters there are many herbs that have been found so support healthy testosterone levels, there are considered to be a safe and effective alternative to pro hormone supplements or illegal steroids. Some of the best herbal testosterone boosters include: tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, saw palmetto, etc.

Ecdysterone is said to be able to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, this means that your body can better use the protein you take in to make bigger and stronger muscle fibers. Please using it claim they see increased strength, more endurance, muscle mass gains and also fat loss.

Kre-alkalyn is a form of creatine that has a correct pH balance to make it 100% stable and much more absorbable by your muscles. This means you can use less but still get the same strength, endurance and muscle mass gains but without some of the unwanted side effects that creatine monohydrate can cause.

Herbal fat burners are said to help speed up your metabolism thus enhancing the rate at which your body burns up calories and fat. Of course you still have to follow a correct fat loss diet as well as an exercise program designed to burn fat. Some of the best fat burning herbs are: green tea, chromium, bitter orange, etc.

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