Anabolic Diet Review

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A Review of The Anabolic Diet by Dr. Mauro Dipasquale

The Anabolic Diet, created by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, is aimed toward individuals looking to gain muscle through a bodybuilding routine. The diet consists of eating foods that are high in both fat and protein and cycles carbohydrates throughout the week. Meals include fatty, high protein meats such as fish and lots of green vegetables. On days which involve eating carbohydrates, users eat high levels of grains and starches to "load up" for the days without any carbohydrate intake.

The philosophy behind the Anabolic Diet is that if users eat the right foods at the right times, you are able to manipulate your body's muscle building hormones. When used in conjunction with a strength training routine, users can expect to lose fat while gaining muscle without constantly being hungry like you would on a normal calorie deficient diet. The high intake of fat keeps you feeling full throughout the day. The easiest way to set the diet up is to have your carbohydrate free days throughout the week with your carbohydrate loading days on the weekends.

The Anabolic Diet is good for people who are committed to a strength training routine. For people not used to following a strict diet it will be hard to stick to. The anabolic diet allows users to eat lots of familiar foods such as fish and chicken and includes enough vegetables to keep it nutritionally sound. Users must eat lots of red meat for the saturated fat content as well. Eating only when hungry is a common mistake for people using the Anabolic Diet and can halt your results. Be sure to eat frequently throughout the day.

The Anabolic Diet has been proven to work, however is not for everyone. Beginners certainly should not try the Anabolic Diet if they are new to restrictive eating. Athletes that partake in cardio filled sports don't benefit from the Anabolic Diet because of the reduced carbohydrate intake. Be sure to keep vegetable intake high to supplement vitamins and fiber that are lost due to low carbohydrate intake. If stuck to, the Anabolic Diet can provide great results for new and veteran bodybuilders.

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