Drinking Water and Weight Loss Water

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Why Drinking Water Really is the Key to Weight Loss

Medical science has proven that we need water every day in order to stay healthy. We will all be completely dehydrated after 2 days if we do not drink water and die on the third day without any water, it is the key to life on this planet and we need to use it to our advantage.

The reasons why and how you can use water to help speed up weight-loss are numerous so we will be going through these salient points one at a time. The first thing that needs to be pointed out that any initial weight-loss that you get from going on a diet is water which is one of the reasons why you need drink water so as to avoid dehydration.

When you are burning calories while exercising you definitely need an adequate supply of water and all potential dehydration or insufficient water slows down the fat burning process radically. Whenever you burn calories you are creating toxins in your body and you need the water to flush these toxins out.

Science has proven that any dehydration that you have in your body will cause a reduction in your blood volume, which causes a reduction in the supply of oxygen to your muscles. When you have a reduction in the amount of oxygen you are getting to your muscles you will feel tired.

Water also helps to maintain your muscle tone by assisting muscles in their ability to contract, as well as lubricating your joints. When you are drinking sufficient water you will help to reduce muscle and joint soreness when exercising.

We all know that eating enough fiber when going on a diet is important but the problem is that without fluids coming in this fiber will cause you to get constipation instead of helping to eliminate it. There are many advantages of drinking the adequate amount of water but drinking water with your meal will help you feel full a lot quicker.

So this brings to the question exactly how much water do we need every 24 hours and the answer is generally 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water every day. But the truth is exactly how much water you need will depend on your weight, level of activity as well as the temperature and humidity of your environment, and your diet.

The general rule that has been advised by the medical community is that when you are drinking enough water then your urine will usually be pale yellow, or even completely colorless but you also know that vitamin supplements and antibiotics can discolor it.

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