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Glutamine Information

What is Glutamine?

  Glutamine is an amino acid, created by the body, and found mostly in your muscles.  Glutamine is responsible for keeping stored water there, especially in times of stress.

  Glutamine also plays an important role in the immune system. When you're ill, or working out hard, the body will tap into those glutamine reserves, basically breaking down your muscles.  For this reason, it's quite important to have some glutamine reserves in your body.

When to Take Glutamine?

  The best time to take glutamine is half just before your workout, and the other half of the daily requirement right after your workout. This will ensure that your body has the glutamine it might need readily available, and doesn't have to break down precious muscle tissue for it.

  Please note that glutamine will not directly help you add muscle mass, supplementing with it will only prevent breakdown of what's already there.

How do I measure my Glutamine dosage requirements?


weight Lbs.

Use the calculator to approximately work out what your glutamine requirement is.

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