Setting Workout Goals

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How to Set and Achieve Your Workout Goals

Staying committed to a weekly workout routine can be tough especially when you are a parent, have a full-time job, or just do not have the enough ambition to stick to a work out in general.

Try following these simple tips below to help you find the time and the mindset to stay motivated.

1) Set apart time in the day for yourself. This "me" time will not only make you feel better during the day, but if you have children, it will set a great example of how to live life healthily.

2) Make your exercise routine fit your lifestyle. Remember you want exercising to stay in your life, so if you are going to be miserable running the track in a gym try taking a run outside. This way you will want to work out instead of dreading the very thought it.

3) Get a workout buddy. When working out alone it's hard to keep yourself motivated. Try having a friend go to the gym with you. This way you will have someone to help motivate you as well as keep you company.

4) Think long term. While you are working out do not focus on how unhealthy you are or how poorly you are doing. Always think positively and think about the awesome outcome you will get from your workout. Think about how confident and sexy you'll feel on the beach this summer.

5) Convenience is key. Choose a gym that isn't too far away from your house or place of work. This way you will be able to visit the gym whenever you want without it being a hassle. Pack your gym clothes and gym bag the night before you go. That way everything is good to go when you are.

6) Enjoy your workout. Working out does not have to be boring. Try going to a new dance class or kickboxing class. Enjoying your workout will motivate you to do it more.

7) Noticing change. Once you start working out you will slowly start to see a change in your performance. You will look better in the miror, lift more, be able to run faster for a longer period of time, swim further and you will get tired later in your workout rather than sooner. These changes will make you feel great and working out will come more easily to you.

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