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Greg Valentino is an Idiot

greg valentino synthol
Synthol made Greg Valentino's arms look like a joke!

Greg Valentino Blows up Bodybuilding

Greg Valentino provided bodybuilding with its "jump the shark" moment via injectable elements that made his body look absurd. If bodybuilders were outsized, Greg, who has stated he used Equipoise and propionate to blow his arms out of proportion, makes even professionals look small. But it is a size that looks so obviously fake that it may have finally ruined the sport. That is, to take the arms to 27 inches, you simply add Synthol and/or other oils until you hit the size you want. And then maybe explode!

Unfortunately in going all out for size, Greg made his arms look more like those of an obese woman than a powerful athlete. In fact the physique he has looks the exact opposite of athletic. It looks more like something from a outlandish cartoon than serious muscle. And sadly he and others using these injectable oils are drowning bodybuilding in their wake. The public, which has always looked at bodybuilding with a jaundiced eye, is now openly laughing at the sport (if it can be called that anymore). After all, who is to say what other bodybuilders haven't snuck some size adding oil into their body?

Add to this oily mess that fact that Valentino was arrested for dealing drugs and you sum up the state of modern bodybuilding. Disturbingly, Greg had been an actual bodybuilder, not some novice. Which begs the question how many more guys are using some oil injections? Perhaps not to the degree Greg has, but what if it is just enough to put the arms up an extra inch or two? That question weighs over every professional.

Valentino's case also exposes another unseemly issue the mental and emotional side effects of using artificial support, be it steroids or oils, that a bodybuilder gets hooked on. Once a bodybuilder's image gets caught up on ever increasing size, watch out you may end up blowing up literally.

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