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Hardgainer Workout Routine

Another good old fashioned abbreviated (hardgainer) routine. I am burning out on my current routine, and will be moving into this one probably by the time you see this page. The very first "muscle book" I ever bought was Beef It by Robert Kennedy. In the book he states "More people have gained more muscle on abbreviated weight programs than on any other system". Of course when I first read that I said "Cool, now let me try Arnolds latest routine". Now, I am a true believer in short routines. You are crazy to try anything else, unless of course you are juicing. Short routines don't look like they work when you are conditioned to 40 set workouts perpetrated in muscle glossies. But, they do work. If you apply the dedication, intensity, and open-mindedness to try, you will be pleasantly surprised. Guaranteed.

This is a workout (slightly modified) stolen from a Stuart McRobert article. I don't claim to be completely original, just completely honest (well, maybe not always).

The Workout:


Squat 2 x 8
Bench Press 2 x 8
Weighted Chins 2 x 6
Grip Work on my Super Crusher


Deadlift 2 x 8
One arm dumbbell press 2 x 8 (each arm)
E-Z bar curls 2 x 12
Calf raise 2 x 15 (off leg press, one legged off block holding a
dumbbell, donkey raise with wife or kid,
sitting on bench with feet on block and dumb-
bell or barbell on knees, standing on stairs with
heels over edge and bag of dog food on your
shoulders, etc.)
Grip work

I start the cycle out with a weight I can do the required reps with almost easily. Every workout I bump the weight up either 2% (squat, bench, deadlift, calf raise), or 1 1/4 - 5 lbs. (curls, shoulder press, chins). If I don't get the reps out I try to next workout at the same weight. You should sail through the first couple of weeks on this (which is good) and it should get progressively tougher to complete after 3-4 weeks. After a while you may find yourself struggling for reps or adding only 1 1/4 lbs to the big lifts. No, I don't have 1 1/4 lbs plates either. I have 2 sets of collars, and each collar weighs about 1 1/4 lbs.

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