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Muscle Building at Home

There could be a number of reasons why you want to train at home rather than going to a gym. These reasons could range from the cost of gas and time as well as the increasing gym fees to simply wanting to use your own private shower. Whatever your reasons are you are going to need some basics.

The basics are not necessary equipment if your objective is to build muscle, however you will definitely get to a point where you are going to need some equipment if you want to continue building muscle. That would mean things like a chinning bar and a bench with a rack of weights.

If you have been training for more than a year and you already have quite a bit of lean body muscle then you will need to spend some money on weights if you want to continue building muscle. However if you have been training for less than a year then you can easily set a training routine that will build muscle without having to purchase any equipment.

Dumbbells are your best investment even if they are light as you can adjust the sets and reps that you do to suit the weight that you have. Obviously you need a bench but if you can invest in an adjustable bench which allows you to adjust the angle that you use the D/B it will help a lot.

If you want to train at home and build muscle you also need to include a pull-up bar or a chinning bar of some kind. It is very difficult to isolate the four different back muscles without doing some kind of heavy pulling movement. Training your back muscles can be effectively done with nothing but a simple chinning bar that will cost you less than $30.

Without a doubt the most important thing that you are going to need if you want to build muscle at home is to have the discipline and the tenacity to continue with your training commitment even when you don't feel like it. Muscle is built on progressive resistance; this is something that has now been conclusively proven by sports scientist.

Progressive resistance means that over time you lift a heavier weight for more reps that you did previously. It is this simple fact that has built muscles since we first stood up straight. Animals that show a large amount of muscle do this simply because of the constant resistance or stress that the animal puts itself under when hunting or escaping.

If you can do 50 push-ups without reaching the point of failure then you need to put your feet on an incline so that there is more stress on your pectorals. The different grips that you use when you do a pull-up or a chin-up can also isolate different muscle groups in your back and biceps.

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