Jeff King Workout

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Jeff King Bodybuilder Workout Routine

Jeff King Workout

Jeff King is a very successful bodybuilder (Mr. America, Mr. Universe) that never competed on an IFBB stage. He was always placing 1st or 2nd in WABBA, AAU, NPC and NABBA but always refused to compete on any IFBB stage for some very controversial political reasons.

On bodybuilding stages across the world Jeff King was well-known for his huge neck and his huge quads which earned him the nickname of "Quadzilla" amongst his growing bodybuilding fans during the 1980's. Jeff has since retired from competing but he still trains.

His training routine was nothing unusual, although he would bang the hell out of his calves every second day religiously. If you want to know if he trained that huge neck of his to get that kind of Frankenstein neck of his, the answer is yes. He would train neck twice a week as seen in his workout below.

Jeff was paranoid about doing correct form when training any movement; he would do between 7 and 12 sets for each body-part, training as heavy as possible. But he would always avoid training past the point of failure because of injuries. Each set in all his movements/exercises would be between 4 and 10 reps.

Jeff discovered what type of training works for him. He describes as cycling his reps by doing 4-6 reps in the first few days of his week and then he would increase all his reps to 8 to 12 reps towards the end of that week, doing the same movement/exercise.

After doing that he would then start his "power routine" by using pyramid sets, starting heavy with 4-6 reps with maximum weight. He would end this training cycle by doing half a week of light workouts doing 8-12 reps, helping him recuperate from those 2 weeks of very intense workouts. Jeff was always weary of over-training and injuries.

His training schedule was 3 days training followed by one rest day. Jeff would sometimes take 2 days rest if he felt that his tired muscles need more recuperation time.

His training schedule was structured like this:

Workout day 1: Chest, back, neck and abs

Workout day 2: Legs and calves

Workout day 3: Shoulders, biceps, triceps, and neck plus abs

Workout day: Off

Like any good bodybuilder Jeff would also regroup his body-parts and train a different schedule for a few weeks, but he would always go back to the schedule listed above. Working this schedule means that his body-parts were trained hard twice every 8 days. But his calves, neck and abs got banged 6 times every 8 days.

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